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Charitable societies are a wide spread social phenomenon. They are founded to provide diverse social services to alleviate the hardships of life which many people encounter. Bearing this fact in mind, and cognizant of the need of our communities for these services, we founded a charitable society known as "The Oasis of Charity". It is a duly registered organization authorized by the Ministry of the Interior to conduct charitable activities (November 23, 2005, No. 291/a.d.).


The founders are:

  1. Sleiman Abdul Khalek
  2. George Khuri Nasrallah
  3. Nahia Nasser-eddine Nasrallah
  4. Randa Fuad Abu Ali Mi'dad
  5. Kamal Najeeb Fakhr
  6. Khalid Ma'roof Rasamni
  7. Akram Kamal Younis
  8. Ameen Salah Al-Halaby




The objectives of the organization include the following:

  1. Helping needy students and offering scholastic grants to outstanding students.
  2. Providing financial help to the needy in the sphere of medical services.
  3. Disseminating information about public health and environmental matters.
  4. Attending to cultural and artistic matters and supporting the preservation of cultural traditions.
  5. Extending help to farmers and crafts people in the villages.
  6. Undertaking developmental projects to further the well-being of village communities.



The Oasis of Charity is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization concerning itself solely with social and humanitarian pursuits. It depends entirely on donations generated through fund raising activities supported by private and corporate donations in Lebanon and around the world, and on an initial membership fee of Ninety Thousand Lebanese Pounds (90,000 LL) or Sixty U.S. Dollars ($60.00), renewable thereafter annually for the fee of Fifty Thousand Lebanese Pounds (50,000 LL) or Thirty Five U.S. Dollars ($35.00).

To become a member, please fill out the membership form.


Your generous monetary donation is much appreciated. You can be assured that any amount will be put to good use in helping those who need it.

Lebanese and US Dollar accounts have been setup with the Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC). To make a donation, funds can be transferred to the following bank account numbers:

  • US Dollars (USD) : 0015-268197-002
  • Lebanese Lira (LL): 0015-268197-001

250, Clemenceau Street Beirut - Lebanon
P.O. Box: 11-1536

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